Door: Kees van Aert


Om onderstaand verhaal in een juiste context te zien gelieve eerst Allemaal gelul en Feature Creep te lezen.


Onderstaande reactie d.m.v. de “beschrijvende-ik vorm” werd door praktisch alle deelnemers als een nuttige eerste stap gezien in het stoppen van de feature creep.




Date: dd-mm-yy


Dear Mr …..

On ..(date).. Medico Engineering and PTC agreed that PTC was to develop a working prototype “Ultra Sound” within a period of 4 months time. As basis we accepted your Medico specifications of the “Ultra Sound” of that same   ..(date)… The project was to be carried out on the basis of a fixed price.             I must conclude that up to now ..(date).. 4 requests for change have been issued by Medico since the start of our project. Your latest request for change was received by email earlier this very morning.       For us to implement these changes means a significant increase of hours and costs within the fixed budget that we allocated for the “Ultra Sound” project.

I feel truly unhappy with this situation.

Therefore, I want to “freeze” the specifications of the “Ultra Sound” as from ..(date)…Any future requests for changes, including the one we received today, will have to be dealt with on the basis of mutual agreement, allowing for extra costs and consequences for delivery time. Only then will we be able to fully keep our commitment to Medico, allowing Medico to enter the market with a high quality  “Ultra Sound” within … weeks from now.

I will contact you shortly by telephone to discuss matters personally.

Yours sincerely

PTC / Project Manager

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